Kerala fought back the floods and what's next after flood

Without any doubt, we can say; When the water rises, Kerala fought backThe worst floods in close to a century submerged our Gods own Country, Kerala in July and August of 2018. All 14 districts of Kerala were placed on red alert in August. Almost every part of the state was severely affected during the time of the flood. Many people lost their lives / missing and several others got injured. Many news agencies like BBC reported one of the reasons for the flood was the opening of the dams at the last minute. Official reports say one-sixth of the population of Kerala, had been directly affected by the floods. 

News report on rescue activities by youths

Volunteers especially Youths take control over and the state witnessed a heroic rescue operation. Along with the Indian air, navy and coast guards, the Superman of Kerala, fishermen joined for the rescue operation. That 10 days people work on Social media for one mission; to save Kerala. The Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp act as data exchange centres to collect and sent information while laptops, tablets and smartphone were open to serve others 24X7. The My Maps feature of Google was taken for creating maps of affected areas, camps, relief centres by many volunteers. The website developed by the volunteers of youth helps a lot in the resue of many peoples. This single big platform helps many volunteers act accordingly. Many peoples contributed their time in volunteering in the rescue operation, packing and supply of relief materials, cleaning of places after the flood and so many voluntary activities. People started contributed to Chief Minister’s Distress Relief Fund when CM called for the campaign RebuildKerala and still contributing for build up the God's Own Country.

Post Flood

After the catastrophic floods, many people lost their homes and some were not able to enter back to their place. Although with some difficulties many people went back home and cleaned their places and start living in the homes. As per the reports, more than 2000 peoples are still in relief camps as on date. Many volunteer units of students like National Service Scheme, Bharat Scouts engaged in the cleaning activities. The state started the rehabilitation and reconstruction projects along with the government and agencies. The biggest challenges in front of the state are to bring back Kerala which was before the flood.

News report on water dries up after flood

A month after devastating floods, water level decreases in the rivers, ponds, and local streams even wells in many places. Rivers including Periyar, Bharathapuzha and Pampa are now getting dried up and their water level has decreased abnormally. News reports say the heavy run-off of the topsoil in the upland areas is the reasons for the falling water level.

Do you think flood-drought a reality? It's time to act and to save water before the drought. Share your works to save water in your locality.

#RebuildKerala #SaveWater

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