#FacebookDown: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp is down for any special update or the end of the Internet giant

Yesterday on the 3rd July of 2019, If you tried to go into Instagram or Facebook or even the Whatsapp you may have faced issues with your account. You're not alone, we all face the same. The messenger and social networking apps and websites of Facebook are down worldwide and still, the problem is not resolved.

Twitter is going wild over the outage and the reactions. The hashtags #instagramdown, #WhatsAppDown, and #facebookDown were trending around the world with so many tweets from a huge number of users. The users experiencing Glitches while Media downloads affected very well in India too. As of 8:30 pm IST, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram had been inactive.

In Facebook, the Images are not showing for the posts. Instead of media space, the content is white space with some comments about the media. The problem doesn't seem to be affecting all photos posted to Facebook, but selective images which were uploaded especially on 3rd July 2019 Wednesday.

 Have you noticed the comments for the media files which are not visible to you?. It seems to be Facebook testing their artificial intelligence on the media files to recognize the data from it. Friends what you feel about it.

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