MeshTalk Technology - Oppo’s new messaging technology

A new technology to talk and message with others who are far away without internet, Wi-fi or Bluetooth via a smartphone is coming soon. You can talk to others without this connectivity technology from the lastest MeshTalk Technology from the Chinese consumer electronics and mobile communications company Oppo.

What is MeshTalk Technology?

MeshTalk Technology is the technology in which users can text or call without Bluetooth, Wi-Fi or even without cellular. This is a feature that allows OPPO phones to make calls and send messages to each other. An inbuilt special chip on the Oppo phones helps to do text and call. It is a decentralized communication technology with a range of up to 3 kilometers outdoors.

The technology says Oppo devices will be able to create a local area network (LAN) across a wide area and then communicate directly to each other without the need for base stations. The text message sent by one user is delivered to the end user at a distance up to 3km by traveling to other Oppo users phones in this local area network.

The company didn’t reveal more about this technology and when the technology will be available to the public. However, it is understood only new models released in the future will support MeshTalk.

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