There is no 30 seconds time limit to WhatsApp and Facebook Status

WhatsApp Messenger now owned by Facebook is one of the most using chats and call application used during this lockdown period reported by general news sites. Firstpost reported that
"Since India went into lockdown on 24 March, it seems more and more of the public are turning to social media to consume news and communicate with their friends and loved ones." 

During the time of lockdown, WhatsApp has limited the during of Status to 15 seconds in India temporarily from 30 seconds previous limit (Update: Restored back to 30 seconds now) to reduce the server traffic since a lot of people have started sharing videos in status during lockdown period. 
WhatsApp and Facebook Logo
WhatsApp and Facebook Logo

In 2017 when the status feature was launched, WhatsApp allowed 90 seconds to three minutes of status. Later the limit was reduced to 30 seconds. WhatsApp has restored the 30 seconds status limit back in India in the lastest Android 2.20.166 beta update. So usually we people, either trim the video manually or using any app and put 30 seconds status. But this time limit is applicable only for Videos and not for GIF image. We can add a 1 hour or more duration GIF images to a single Status in WhatsApp and then share it to Facebook status.

The Graphics Interchange Format (GIF) is a bitmap image format that can also be added to WhatsApp Status. GIF was not actually designed as an animation medium. But its ability to store multiple images in one file using the format to store the frames of an animation sequence made it possible to convert a video to GIF animated image without audio. While most of the GIFs you will find on the internet will be less than 30 seconds in length, but we can actually convert videos into moving pictures of the same length. 

So anyone can convert a longer video into a GIF and put the status as one single status. We have made a try to check how long we can put a GIF status. We have converted 2-3 videos and put as the status of WhatsApp as well as Facebook.

We have created a GIF image of countdown timer for 1 hour and it worked.

We have also created a GIF image for another 2 videos available on the Internet and it also works. We have also seen many blog posts claiming the same. So yes there is no 30 seconds time limit for all WhatsApp and Facebook status. The limit is only for Video status.

There is some WhatsApp mod app that allows breaking the limit of 30 seconds. But using that mod app will cause you temporary ban and further use will get a permanent ban from WhatsApp. But the above-mentioned works on any phone without any app or rooted phone.

So if you want to put a long status where audio is not a necessity you can create a GIF and put as your status. So what GIF images are you going to put as your status right now.? Want to get some samples to long GIF status. Click here

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