Google Road Mapper (Early Access)

After 2013 now Google is again started giving access to Google Road Mapper access to selected users as early access. Users are invited over email to use this Road Mapper who has previously contributed or added roads using Google Maps contribution. In the mail it has been mentioned about the necessity of mapping.

Google Maps

Millions of kilometres of the world’s roads remain unmapped today. To help fix this, Google has built Road Mapper, a new desktop application that makes it easy for Google Maps contributors (like you!) to map the rest of the world.

Invitation email to Road Mapper


Road Mapper will be a tool to map roads of world where millions of roads are currently not tracked by Google. Local guides (volunteer mappers) can use this too to map and correct the roads on Google Maps. It will be then easier for others to help them in any unforeseen event, in emergency or in any natural disaster event.

Previously in 2013 Google organised a event in India to increase the amount of local information in Google maps which allows to add buildings, roads, etc to maps. Now again in 2020 Google Maps comes with Road Mapper which have only the facility to map the roads.

Access to Google Road Mapper

Currently the access to Google Road Mapper is limited to users who has received the email or you can check by visiting the Road Mapper website while logged in with your google account. Road Mapper by Google is a desktop application where users can easily add roads and they can track their contributions from the dashboard page. 

Adding roads on Google Maps is now much much easier by using this Google Road Mapper application. Currently there are only 5 countries available where you can add road by using road mapper. The countries are Ethiopia, India, Myanmar (Burma), Nigeria and Venezuela. Mappers can add roads to any of these countries by clicking on the start button on the respective countries.


In Road Mapper every user will gets some challenges to map the roads. The challenges are to mark/correct the roads for a small area marked on the Google maps where the mapper needs to mark the visible roads. Mappers can also skip the challenge if they are not sure/need to get another challenge. Users need to click on the 'Send button' to submit the marked roads.

After successfully submitting the roads a popup message will comes as shown below to get another challenge or to choose another mission (country).


A dashboard is provided where users can track the progress of adding roads. It shows the information of how many kilometres of road added in each country and the accepted contribution, rejected contribution and pending to review. It also shows detailed contributions report.

Then if you don’t have access to road mapper don't worry, you can also add roads near your localities using Google Maps contribution option, where you will find option add missing road.

So start Mapping and helps the rest of the world.😊

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